Brake conversion 87/88 HIJET climber 4wd

I have a 1987 HIJET climber 4wd, im looking for rear brake drums to replace my current ones in which the internal spline has gone… does anyone know were i could find any ?

Failing this i was hoping i could find a kit conversion in which i could convert the drum disks front and back to disc brakes …

It would be amazing to understand who has made this conversion…

1987 Daihatsu Hijet S82 series EB engine, s110op
VIN/Chassis no - S81P059685

Wow, interesting Dai. Could you please throw up a little about it and perhaps a picture in the introduction section. You might be lucky with a front hub carrier having the correct spline diameter and count. Can you put up some measurements and the spline count.

Hi [Mr_Gormsby]

thanks for the reply, i couldnt tell you about the dimensions … i can put up a link to the site that holds the part… Daihatsu Hijet S81P/S83P Front Drum Hub Assembly
Daihatsu_S81P_Front Hub_43501-87507-000