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Hello fellow enthusiasts!

I’m a Dai noob who has been stalking the forum and FB group for about 6 months. Next week I’m moving into a new house that will have space to work on a car and I’m excited to purchase my first Dai and get my hands dirty.

A lot of people seem to be very comfortable with doing engine swaps and rebuilds and conversions of various kinds which is encouraging, but I’m wondering if it would be too crazy for me to jump in the deep end and do an engine swap without prior experience of that kind of thing?



Welcome Pepsi.
If you know someone that can help that has had the experience it sure does make a difference especially for your first engine change. I think the answer really depends on what your looking at doing the difficulty for what engine swap that may include wiring , some modifications etc etc… or if its just a straight exchange. Only you will really know what you feel comfortable with. My advice is to do some small upgrades etc first and see how you go. Your comfort level working on cars will become better over time.
There is plenty of information in here, FB and other places online so do your research on what your looking to do also it can be invaluable.


Welcome aboard. Like Evil highway said start small. I would in fact suggest not start with the engine at all. What is your car going to be used for? Make a bit of a plan. Be realistic about your budget. What dai do you think you will end up with? What is your mechanical background? Can you fabricate parts? If you want to share the answers to those questions we can share our experiences and perhaps save you much angst, time and money



What I’m looking at is a half finished project, a 95 L201 and an L700 EF-DET motor with 5 sp L700 box, ecu, and loom. You may recognise the car as it was advertised on the L2D Facebook group.

I’ve done plenty of servicing work on my cars, and have worked on every car I’ve owned over the years, so not afraid to lose some knuckle skin. I’m mechanically minded and have been around cars since the 90s when we used to work on paddock bashers and rally them in a friend’s property (who also happened to be a mechanic). I haven’t done part fab as such, but design and 3D print my own parts when I need something, so that may translate if necessary.

The car will eventually become my daily, as my daughter has just started doing hours on her L plates and she wants my current daily. So instead of buying a shitbox for her, she can have my current shitbox so I can get a Mira. :smiley:

Even though I have plenty of electronics experience, the thing I have never done is engine wiring/ECU related, so that worries me the most.


yeh sorry that car is no longer available


It is now in my garage as of yesterday.


Ha! OK, nevermind then.
I’ll keep looking for something whole.

Can I ask where you’re located (roughly), and if I can come and give you a hand sometime?

Im in laidley QLD

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OK, nevermind about that then either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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EF-DET you say? I’m listening… When can we expect a new video or build thread?

Welcome to the forums.

Keep looking around I am sure you can find a project car. Or even one just to give a good service to.
For example;

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Oh I have the car but the engine and box is still forsale. @Pepsi If you found an L700 it would be the best for it. I believe it still needs a clutch. but its pretty much bolt in. Not sure on wiring though but everything else is bolt in.

Yeah, I noticed Tom re-advertised the the engine and box. I like the idea, but not sure about putting it in an L700 as I think they came with 1L engines here.

There’s a decent looking L500 2 door for sale on the gold coast, so tonight’s research is to work out how the L7 and L5 differ in the engine hole.

totally different motors between the L500 and L700. never seen one but the EF-DET seem to be just a smaller capacity EJ-DE, the EF-DET would be perfect for the L700, any misgivings about the smaller size will be negated by the turbo,. haven’t been on facey for a couple of days but didn’t that one being sold also have the ecu, wiring etc?

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Yeah, it’s a complete package. Engine, 5sp gearbox, loom, and ECU.

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perfect to swap into an L500, just not sure if the gearbox will need mounting point mods or shifter mods to fit. i have an EJ in my L200 using the original L200 gearbox, perfect around townas higher ratios of the EF-EL gearbox but killer on the highway sitting at 4400rpm@ 100kph

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Very interesting… :thinking: :grin:
More reading to do.

L700 gearbox Installation requires altered clutch cable. Gearstick mount and hole gets massaging. Good swap for big power that gives a closer ratios and a much needed taller first gear


his setup is bolt in for the L700 , efdet turbo 659cc vs 1L. I am guessing they will be about the same but the 1l will have a bit be a bit more torque
For an L500 is basically the same engine K frame setup as an L200 or an L600 move. You will need gearbox mods to go linkage setup over cable and clutch cable mods also to make it work.
One other thing you could look at is it is still $1000 and is a cheap turbo setup with wiring etc. You could get an L700 and put the head and associacted bits accross across with the ecu and wiring and have an ejde 1L with turbo and the benefit is you would already have the ecu that controls it you just may have to use a fueal pressure reg to see if you are getting enough fuel and or upgrade you fuel pump. (about $50 for a kemso)

With all that being said I did just notice this


I’m glad it sold, I’m going to do the smart thing and follow everyone’s advice here and start small. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: