Cairns L200 hatch ejde turbo 4sp

Hey I’m Zac from Cairn. I’m looking to put an ejde and turbo on a 4sp 850cc gearbox. then slap that into a l200 mira 3 door hatch. I’m friendly and have been obsessed with these things for too long.

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hello and welcome

Hey bro, welcome… I’m actually doing that conversion myself but using the ej box as well… Have a look I’m my build thread if you run into issues…

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Lots to read here that will help. Use the search function, read up on things already done and ask specific questions.

I suggest you let us know if the turbo urge is about building a quick car, perhaps for competition or if you are just doing a show car or look at me car sort of thing. Either way you really need to improve the brakes at the same time.

Biggest known turbo Mira was 150fwhp as a daily drive. Peak on the dyno was 180fwhp. Not something a std gearbox can handle.


Gday Zac, good to see you on here, can’t wait to see the end result :slight_smile:

I’m going for a daily that can do cheeky pulls. low boost you know .

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Welcome to the forum.

Lol @cheeky pulls. That’s how it all starts :joy::joy::joy:.
#sipstea :frog::coffee: lol

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Will be good in higher gears. Need lsd for launching or else it will just light one tire.

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Pulled ed 4 speed.
Acid washed and wd40’d
Wondering what seals other than cv/diff seals are required to spruice it all up before i put it in. Want to do it once and right .
Ill have ti look into lsd options but im not to serious about it being race car as just reliable and zippy.
Got a race clutch but no throw out bearing in the kit can i just order from my ed previous bearing specs at a bearing shop?

Check pressure plate diaphragm finger height. “Race” set up normally need a longer/thicker throw out bearing collar. Normally the diff between std and “race pressure plate” is only a change of the pivot point ring which makes the fingers sit lower.

You know the 4psd in no stronger than a 5spd. The dff between them is the single shear fifth is omitted and the diff is 3.7:1. Everything else is the same.

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Is that a better diff ratio? Can it be shimmed or skmething simple? Centre swap?

It will give you a taller first gear and so forth. I’ve not calculated the ratios but the 3.7 prob makes 4th in a four speed feel like fifth. Prob fine for cruising and what you are going to do with you car. To change the crown wheel you have to change the spur gear (this is like a pinion) and that means doing the gear layshaft. It can be done. I have a four speed and have pulled it apart to have a look and put it back together. I’ve also got several e series 5 speeds, two of them TRXX LSD types. But I will at some point move over to an M100 GTVI box which is stronger and has better ratios (I also have a M100 3cly box which is like the GTVI box but with a taller final drive) [I think I got that all right - someone please correct me if I got something back to front there].

Shimmed? I guess you are referring to the throw out bearing. Yes you can put some big washers between the carrier and bearing. But you must remove the pressed tin metal plate and refit it with the tangs just having enough length to hold it all together. You can get about 5mm of big shim washers in there. If that is not enough get a second pressed tin metal plate and stack one on top of the other. I think there are some pics of all this in my build thread.

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I have
4 sp ed gearbox
Trxx dash
660 race clutch
Turbo set up misus piping.
Oil filter relocation sadwich plate and oil feed.
Edje sump with return.
Dash mat.
Boss kit and wheel
Waiting on a sirion and rolling l2 shell or l200 with ej to slap all this gear in.


The new body