Cam pick up solutions for H series

Hi guys I’m needing cam pick up ideas, I’m currently leaning to use the dizzy as the cam pick up. Is there any other way?

I dont think there is anyway to attach a wheel to the rear of the cam where the dizzy goes, the easiest way would be modifying 1 of the cam gears and adding a trigger etc

Im just using a HC-E dizzy for both signals. I found the shaft has an extra single tooth pick-up wheel above the the 4 tooth wheel. There is also 2 blank holes on that upper platform of the housing… if you tap threads in there, another OEM reluctor will bolt in there perfectly and align with that upper wheel. Obviously the housing then needs modifying to fit the extra grommet.

That was the easiest way ive found so far to run sequential injection etc with aftermarket ecu. Im still using the complete dizzy setup for ignition; OEM ignitor, coil & leads etc

How did you go about the crank trigger setup? I was going to go that route, but i figured if i couldnt delete the dizzy altogether; and still needed it for home signal, ill just use it for both.

Alternatively, if you source a suitable reluctor or hall sensor from a junkyard, the cam gear can be used.

Heres something i knocked together while i was trying to troubleshoot why/where my home signal was picking up interference. Looks caveman but works a treat. This was just an old toyota crank sensor i had lying around and a simple m6 bolt through the cam gear.
Cost- $0,
Time- 45 minutes including fabrication and installation (i had a apare sprocket. But ended up drilling the one on the car anyway to save removing timing belt etc