Camber adjustment plates

Hi all I have an L7 and looking for adjustable camber plates however I’m having trouble finding plates that fit or at least fit with minor adjustment.
If anyone can send me in the right direction with this that would be great.

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firstly are you meaning L7 or L700 series?
you looking for something quality?
or cheap?
there are a fair few Japanese brands who make them specifically for the L700
I’m an agent for Cross suspension for example who are a heavy hitter in the kei race scene in Japan …their camber plates with pillow balls are ¥35,000 plus shipping

Cusco make them and are fairly good, Rs-r and tanabe too

Yeah to be exact the L701s but all the same so generalised to L7.
Ok so what’s ¥35,000 in AUD?

at the mo easiest through paypal youd convert yen at 74.0725
so something like AUD$473 + shipping

otherwise you could crawl used auctions and get something sent?
I’ve had a couple of goes and been lucky but often people dont sell them up until the bearings let go, so you need to put some time into them if that’s okay being your thing

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