Can i help get you needed parts from japan?

hi all,

so i live in japan and speak japanese.
im thinking of trying to start a service for helping folks out finding parts from japan. this would include any or all of the following:

searching japanese websites for parts for you
basic translation
communicating with sellers and suppliers for you
bidding/buying for you
being your japanese mailing address
shipping parts to you

and ill do all that for free. i mean, youd have to pay for the parts and the shipping, but i wont charge anything on top for myself. this would be a kinda hobby, testing the waters kinda thing. obviously that means it would be very low volume, so if you were in a hurry i probably wouldnt be your best option. also, because im not a mechanic, i wont have access to scrapyards, so its possible i may either not be able to find what youre looking for or may not actually be the cheapest option for you. i do have friends who are japanese mechanics, however, so maybe that will change in the future depending on how this goes.

what do you think? any takers?


Almost sounds too good to be true. I myself have no problem paying for services or even participating in it for European Daihatsu owners

maybe, eh?
but theres a couple good reasons why i dont wanna charge anything. mainly, i just like helping people and im curious to see how it goes. but also, this is just me farting around in my free time, so my services prob wont be very prompt, especially if lots of people want to take me up on it. and then maybe ill get too busy or overwhelmed and have to quit. also, this is a new adventure for me too, so ill be learning as i go and i probably wont be very good at it at 1st. also, theres lotsa people who already do this for a living, so in the off chance i end up doing this as a business, ill need to have already got the skills, connections, built up a rep and found some loyal customers if im gonna keep myself afloat.

so makes sense, right?


Hey mate. Can you get contact me at NMF Garage? Might be helping me to get a parts to Malaysia. Thank you in advance.

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Are you able to ship a tinder for less than 3 times the price of the rims?


This is my only problem right now. I’ve found a set of original TRXX rims on yahoo that I desperately want to restore my Trxx but not willing to pay the $600 shipping.

im not sure but its def possible, those sellers tend to charge whatever they want for international shipping. if you have a rough guess of the size and weight of the package and tell me what city youre in i can get you a rough quote. just remember you would still have to pay the domestic shipping to get it to me

It’s a pity you didn’t get the original wheels with it.

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Living in Hobart, Tasmania

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I never had the original wheels on the car then Josie put the red ones on it…

These are the wheels I had on it


after a bit of a dig, i could maybe manage to save you a couple hundred, but it would be by sea so maybe 2 mos to get there. for getting there in any reasonable time, i think $600 is actually close to a fair price.

haha I always saw it with these wheels and by default thought they were the original hahaha!