Can this be done?

So one of the things that I have wondered since when I was going to put a k3 in the copen.
The question I have does anyone have any idea why this wouldn’t work?
If I changed the jbdet to a k3 (turbo or not is possibly irrelevant for the quesion).
Would there be any reason why I couldn’t use the current loom etc from the jbdet providing all the right plugs were plugged in to the right places (including wires into correct place in the plugs).

In a similar way we use the ed blocks on efel heads. The ecu has no idea of the different bore and stroke and pulses the fuel with the dizzy as the rotor button hits the posts on the dizzy cap.

My thoughts wondered if the jbdet ecu does the same similar thing as it get’s its info from cam and crank sensor’s to give the correct timing and fuel delivery. I suspect the fuel injectors may need to be bigger to help the supply and not sure if anyone would know or not , but If I dont ask I may never know.

Maybe source a COPEN K3 ECU for Japan or UK?
This should in theory make it all plug and play?

yeh would still need key and immobilser which I already have with a k3 here. Japan was only jbdet copen for kei was only europe /england that I am aware that got the k3 copen. I maybe wrong.

Apart from fuel and ignition mapping being wrong, it theoretically will work

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are your sure timing would be out as it relies on input from sensor’s to adjust? That would be my biggest concern and fuel can me manually adjusted in theory

Does the K3 run ISC like the JB-DET Does?

Also the JB-DET has the VSV sensor that bleeds boost when the car is cold, without this sensor hooked up if I recall the computer had a bit of a hissy fit so that will likely need to remain in the new loom somehow? test it easily by disconnecting on your car.

good thing to try. what would I be looking for lol

have a couple of mates who have done this
you want to swap over the whole conversion
you could make up a conversion harness and re pin the dash to fit with sirion/yrv but that’s a fair bit of time
easier to move everything - but have to keep copen shocks and arms and steering rack
then need custom sway bar
it’s a fairly big job but they go great with the VET

otherwise go large on the jb ?

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