Canberra Meet Up

Hi everyone,
I’ve just relocated to Canberra and I wanted to know if anyone is keen to meet up? Myself and another Gino friend will be getting a coffee at 11am on this Sunday 16th on Queen Elizabeth Terrace, near Lake Burley Griffin Cruises. I’d be really keen to meet up!


I will put this on the facebook group for you also in case any other’s from there would like to join.

Thank you!

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Spotto @Pearl at the Mawson shops today


Hey! Thanks for the shout out! Anytime you want to meet up and show off the Ginos, I’ll be there!

I no longer have my gino mate.

Do you have a K3 in yours?

That’s a shame.
I don’t have the K3 but I’m keen to get the conversion done. Did you have the K3 engine?

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You can see my build here

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