Car noob

Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself after stalking all the buildlogs for weeks.
In my 30’s Dutch and love Japanese cars even tho i never owned one.

I was in a situation where i had to buy a 2nd car to drive my private km’s in, so i bought a L701 on a rainy day, seeing the shitbox for the first time was like love at first sight and took it home 10 minutes later.

Sadly on the drive back home (200kms) one of the engine mounts gave way making the engine bog in first and 2nd gear. needing something reliable and just work for the next few weeks i sold it just as quickly as i got it.

Even before the blue shitbox was sold i started my search for a new one, preferable a 3 door with electric windows

2 days later i bought this:

Now in love with the little car and barely fitting in it.

Ill make a buildlog in the near future although i have 0 mechanical experience i wanna see how far i can get since this little nugget has quite a journey to go!



Welcome, Nice intro and story. Daihatsu’s are the best learning car I have found so no matter what your car experience you can always learn as much as you want and or need.

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Welkom! Enough knowledge on this forum to help you get started :wink: Dai’s are really easy to work on. If you need any advise just ask!


Welcome! Silver, 3 doors and a sunroof. Just the way I like it! Although I might be biased.

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