CB-23 carburetor rebuild

Hi all, I’m in the process of rebuilding the 2-barrel Aisan carburetor on my CB-23 Charade. On the throttle body assembly, there are two ‘throttle body to bowl’ screws. According to my rebuild kit instructions, one of these screws should be hollow, however both of mine are solid. Other sources online also indicate that one screw is supposed to be hollow, however in these cases the carby suits a Toyota. I’m wondering if anyone can confirm whether the Daihatsu carb is a special case, or do I have the wrong screw?

As a follow-up question, I’m also considering removing as much of the vacuum controlled smog/emission control stuff as possible, thinking it will simplify things and improve performance. Is this advisable? Or am I better off restoring the carb to factory spec?

I can’t recall but if you are going to the extent of removing smog why not just upgrade the carby to something you can fine tune?

Do you mean such as EFI?

I guess I’m not looking for a big project, or big performance gains, just want to get the car driving reliably in the most straightforward way I can.

I’d consider a Weber upgrade, if there was a manifold adapter available…but then I’d also rather not faff around with jetting and throttle linkage at this point either.

I would never recommend efi, carbs are better.

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