Cb23 need help opening the rocker shaft

Greeting from Malaysia (State : Penang)

Need help from you guys , I have bump into a biggest roadblock when first time doing top overhaul on this engine CB23 from Daihatsu Charade G100, where I cant simply take out nor pull the rocker shaft out from the engine head. It seems like it has a pin at the end of the rocker shaft. Does it need any special or does it need any special skill to do it. Really appreciate if anyone can help me on how to take this thing out , it is kind a mess

This is my email : luqmanbinhadi@yahoo.com

Thank You

I don’t know for sure but isn’t that a washer Wich can be pulled out? Seems like that what holding the pin in. Never worked on an engine so don’t take my word for it xD

From my CB23 service manual…

“NOTE: A special puller that engages in the threaded portion of the rocker shafts is available from Daihatsu to remove the rocker shafts. A suitable puller can be fabricated from a strong piece of wire or an old screwdriver with a hook ground at one end. The hook can be engaged over the pin at the end of the rocker shaft and the shaft withdrawn.”


OK thanks mate , but im sure now need to fabricate a new tools for it though.