Charade 1.3 HC engine angle?

Hello everyone! I am putting to my Toyota racecar highly tuned 1.4 hc-e longituadily. Engine has been earlier in Toyota KP61 Starlet, so it is not issue. I like to turn engine to little bit to drivers side to put it as low as possible. I have looked that in Charade, HC-e engine is turned to front. How many angles engine is turned in Charade or is it good measuring point when oilpan is vertical?

Hi mate.
I’d start with the sump off and mock it up with the pan off and check the angle of the pick up.
Also look at where the drain backs are in the top end. You don’t want to end up with a cam cover full of oil.
That all should pretty well determine the angle you will have to run.
Of corse you could modify both of those things but there going to be the governing issues if it’s all standard elsewhere.

Thanks and I would do that if turning it heavily. The engine will be only turned slightly. It is now turned 6 degrees to drivers side and can it be still turned more like 2-4 degrees and there is no harm?. Because all area is quite tight everything need to be considered. Earlier engine has been in 0 degree angle.

Yes I’m sure that will be fine as it is designed to work on hills anyway

If someone could have angle meter and look from top of cam cover for example from D letter that how much engine is turned in Charade.