Charade G203 with Applause HD-E 1.6 Engine Swap

Picked up an unfinished project with a few issues, but fitted with1.6 litre engine, most likely from an Applause.
119,768 total km
One of the issues was a blown head gasket, so head was machined and full head service cost around $800
Did timing belt kit at the same time, as unknown history could be terminal.
Also a problem with steering re-centering, so pulled the front struts out of the towers to see what was wrong.
Had to replace the worn strut top mounts and do a wheel alignment, so now it steers well.

I’m really surprised how quick this is, compared to my previous G102 1.3 EFI
It sounds grumpy, with the exhaust and pod filter.

Peeling Clearcoat on roof and bonnet, so did a 2 Tone Paint job.
Charade G203 Momo

  • front lowered on King Springs KDFL-78, rears are lowered too. (red springs not sure what brand )

  • Momo Steering Wheel & Gear Knob
    Daihatsu Black-Silver

  • Headers 4 into 2 into 1 (Don’t know the brand … DeTomaso?)
    Daihatsu G203 Headers

  • Exhaust has 2 Hotdogs (centre) and normal Rear Muffler - sounds nice

  • 16 " CSA Motorvator Rims with new Kuhmo Ecsta KU31

  • Sparco Alloy Pedal Set
    Daihatsu Sparko Pedals

  • Upgrade Head Unit, speakers, 4 channel amp, plus 2 channel amp for 12" subwoofer.
    Sub is mounted facing upwards, centred over the spare wheel.
    Sub is protected with a perforated metal grill on a new raised 12 mm thick plywood boot-floor panel.
    I’ll post some more pics later, or move to another section on Car Audio.
    Cross Section of Floor Mounted Subwoofer
    Floor panel is mounted firmly using 4 clip-in rubber door holders from Bunnings Item Number: 3961931
    They do a good job of isolating vibration, while still allowing access to the spare wheel.
    Boot isn’t filled with a sub-box either, so really convenient.
    Adoored 75mm White Cushioned Door Stop Clip (Bunnings) Item No 3961931