Charade GTti widebody

Not really relevant for you folks down under, I just thought people here might like to
see what’s available for sale in Europe :smiley:

It’s a Charade with a period widebody kit (German?) from the 1980’s. Along with that you would get a set of bilstein dampers, springs, an exhaust and those rather wide 15x9 wheels (all of this is on this actual car). What is also interesting is that all of those mods are engineered and MOT ready (the docs even note the changed width of the car). This would be a no no when trying to register such car today in CZ as mods that change the overall shape of the car (track etc.) are basically illegal.


Not sure about you guys but I’m also digging the retro paint scheme :grin:

Think that was called a Flash body kit, looks nice but yeah, due to our import laws will be a year or 2 before down under can get nice cars :frowning:

You’re correct, it is the Flash body kit.

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Eddie, is this your car? I saw that it’s still for sale! I may be interested in it - I am located in Poland. Do you maybe have some more photos of it?