Charade intake or applause intake manifold (and ECU)

Currently I’m building a 1.6 applause engine into my charade, now as far as i know the applause engine will run fine on a charade ECU. Because of that it’d the easiest to take the charade intake manifold and bolt it on the applause engine and everything will plug right in, now will it be fine or is it going to be too restrictive with the smaller manifold?
And does anybody know for sure that the applause engine will run fine with the charade ECU?

Should be okay. But I would run a wide band o2 sensor and guage. Then if it is rich/lean swap the factory fuel pressure regulator for an adjustable one. Adjust so that at wot it is a ratio of between 11 or 12 to 1. This is better than hoping for the best and risking a super lean engine. 02 sensor will be about $300 and replaces your narrow band 02 (it will have an output signal for this)

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Manifold is the same it’s the throttle body that is a bit smaller. I really doubt it makes much difference, i’ve got a charade throttle body on my 1.6 at the moment and it’s been fine.

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Good to know, thanks!

inlet is the same size throttle body is different only. use 2nd gen applause or from gran move throttle body and injectors, and could also mount 1.6 ecu from one of those.

Those are upgrades i could do later on, is a bigger throttle body a noticeable upgrade? I already swapped the applause injectors to the charade inlet. Would the applause ecu or gran move ecu be plug and play?

with 1.3 engine 1.6 trottle body there is already a noticeable difference. view ecu yours and that of the donor, the same can be exchanged