Charade strut mounts for Pyzar

Hi all
Sorry if this is straight to the point but I could really use your help if possible.
I need to replace the front shocks in my daughters Pyzar and as far as I can tell they’re the same as G200 series Charades.
My issue is that when I take them out I’m wary that the strut bearing inside the top strut mount will be stuffed. 24 years is a long time of Aussie road abuse. I encountered this strut bearing issue on my Pulsar N14 SSS years ago and had to replace them.
There are Charade strut mounts and bearings available but don’t know if they’ll fit a Pyzar ( imagine they would but never assume on cars ) so is it possible for someone to do a couple of measurements for me inside the engine bay on the strut mount?
Would be very grateful as her shocks are pointless and worried it will cause more dramas plus it handles like a Sopwith Camel.

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Hi mate they are the same part number, the only difference is the spring and spring seat. The bearing in these is a little plastic bush and looks like this.

Hi Mark
Yeah I want to be prepared for the inevitable broken plastic bearings.
I can get a hold of G200 series strut mounting plates and bearings but no idea if they’re suitable and cant go check them out. Would like to be able to at least measure on a G200 series Charade the distance between the strut mounting plate mounting bolt centers, the diameter of the strut tower hole and the distance from the strut piston to a strut mounting bolt from inside the engine bay at the strut tower, then compare to our Pyzar, may help me.

Sorry i didn’t say it clearly but i’ve checked the part numbers and they are exactly the same number for the bearing and strut tops between a charade and a pyzar in the Daihatsu parts manual.

awesome work. I thought you just meant the struts themselves. Makes life so much easier now not wondering and chasing phantom parts.

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