Hi daihatsu owners,

Signed up to post and read on this great forum.
I live in Holland where the charade g100 is mostly rotten or used for “autocros” which in Holland means its getting demolished.
My first charade was an 1993 g100 1.3 which got my blood pumping for high revs, I bought it with 120.000 km and drove it to 180k including driving the nurburgring nordschleife for 10 laps and reaching a top speed of 200 km on gps :stuck_out_tongue:
After i sold that one and bought a big old volvo but i started missing the little racecar.
So two months ago i picked up a g100 1.0 automatic which was very dissapointing but last weekend i picked up a very rare in Holland g100 sedan with 1.3 and manual, really brings back some good memories. Sounds and drives like my old one.

Will post some pics of the charades asap.
Plan for this sedan is to daily it until i finish my volvo and then replace the hart with one of a honda.


Welcome mate.
I think your the only one who has driven a charade around Nurburgring in here! Lol

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Welcome to the forum, 200kph is moving for a stock charade, only other one i know of that did Nurburgring did 165kph in a 3 cyl g11

welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing the pics

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G’day and welcome to the forum.

I have driven the ring - but not in a Charade, you are lucky to have done that. Welcome to the forum - there is plenty of info on here about modifying Charades if you ever want to beat your previous best of 200kmh!

IMG_20160813_125130 IMG-20170728-WA0001

The black sedan is my daily atm.
The blue/grey one was my first love and the white one is the 1.0 automatic that i am going to sell.
Will make pictures of the progress next saturday

Oh yes and my big tank offcourse


hi you still have the sedan ?