Choosing Between

Hope everyone is doing great. So I picked an interest in looking up and buying either Daihatsu F300 or F70 petrol on both. The use will be both daily and off-road mainly on sand and sand dunes. Which car would be better? Also I’m more inclined to F300 but not sure about the maintenance and repair and spare parts. Please guide through with your knowledge. Thank you!


f300 are great on sand f70 are more of a true 4wd… think of the feroza(f300) as an early cross-over SUV somewhere between a car and a 4wd… a small 4wd with great road manners but they are both very capable (f70 probably morso) and solidly built vehicles… parts for both are becoming difficult to source.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you seek the answer’s to the questions you have and hope once you decide which Dai your gonna get that you share some pics and info of it with us here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply and I apologise for my Englis. So I’d understand that both are capable of going on sand dunes. In regards mods, which one is more accessible and easy to maintain and work with? Since I’ve learned that spare parts are kind of scarce to find lately for both, and especially for F300, so it would be wise to do an engine swab. Also, little do I know that the F70 engine is able to be swabbed/replaced with a Toyota Hailux 3Y or 4Y engines. Is there a similar case to F300? And again I seem to be more inclined to the F300 but I need to do more research regard the spare parts or after market parts. Thank you again for your comment as I am learning more about those wonderful cars.

Thank you for your warm welcoming comment. Yes for sure as I’m currently on a hunt for both of them. I guess I’m being greedy but they’re forgotten gems of time. Do you have any recommendations since you seem to live in a similar place where I live in as well?

Not really any recommendations as 4wd Daihatsu is out of my experience.