CL diesel engine. What to expect?

From the day i found out Daihatsu put little 3 cyl diesel engines in de 2nd gen charade i’ve wanted one (for most people know it as G11 but is called G30 for the ones with the CL).

But after years of looking i can’t seem to find any. I’ve heard of a couple existing over here but never seen one.
Ones there was a CL engine for sale here, but it was torn to bits. A lot of parts were missing and most of the parts that were there were in bad shape. Plus the owner asked a fortune for it. So i let it pass.

Still i want that 1.0L diesel engine.
So now i’m thinking about importing it from somewhere else in the world. But before i do that i’d like to know if it’s worth it.

Has anyone on here experience with this engine? And what can i expect from it?
Is it worth it to import one?

FYI, this is not for my G11 (at least not for now).

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you could try to get in contact with Kenneth (Rockyman), I know he owns a G30 (and lives in the Netherlands).

there should still be a few in Belgium, was one for sale beginning of the year but not sure what happend with it.

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from whatI have heard they have a tendency of breaking down but it is only hear say and never sen on in the flesh let alone been near a running one. They come up in Australia from time to time but most people steer clear of them as parts are very scarce as far as I am aware. Unless its all just a ploy and they are awesome and eveyone secretly has one except me hahaha!

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also they were known for blowing the head gasket, the compression ratio is 21:1 :open_mouth: whether it could be dropped a little, one would have to ask a diesel specialist.
They do hold the record for economy, think it was 2.78L/100kms, theoretically would get about 800km+ per tank.