Clutch: cable or hydro?

Hi peeps, I need some well thought out advice. The people who read my topic will know I’m going to throw a 3SZ into my L7 Cuore. The Cuore has a cable operated clutch, but the 3SZ gearbox has a hydraulicly operated unit. I was going to make the hydraulic system work with the Cuore, but since I can’t fabricate anything (due to the lack of time, money, skills, tools, and basically everything), getting the master cylinder to fit on the car is just a pain in the butt. There’s 1 place on the firewall were the cylinder would fit (next to the brake booster), but it’s not in line with the pedal, and the panel isn’t perpendicular to the pedal, which would cause issues with the travel of the piston when pressing the pedal.

I have the cable clutch fork thingy laying around which I could use, but I want to know if anyone knows what the consequences could be? The reason I’m not sure, is because Daihatsu has fitted almost exclusively cable operated clutches to their cars, except for the cars with the 3SZ. A Sirion 2/Boon with the K3 (1.3) has the cable clutch, but the Sirion 2/Boon with the 3SZ uses the hydro unit. So there must be a reason why they did that.

The only reason I can think of, is that the cable wasn’t strong enough, and that’s why I’m a bit nervous.

The cable seems like the best/easiest way to go, but I don’t know what the possible consequences will be. Please be aware of the fact that I’m running out of time, and that I’m not able to fabricate anything for the master cylinder.

Hopefully someone can help me, thanks guys 'n gals!

Cables can be strong enough. The risk short coming of cables are feel (due to friction), routing, pedal force required and ultra long term reliability.

Get creative in where you might place the hyrdo master cylinder. I’ve worked on trucks where they are up under the dash inside the “cabin”. Have a look at the image below, it is a right hand drive car with the master cylinder on the passenger’s side.

From factory the Hyundai Excel sends the brake pedal force into a linkage system with a torque tube so the remote cylinder works. Brakes have a lot more force that a clutch (Hyundai Excel master cylinders move a lot, about a month ago I made up braces for a Excel Cup car to get rid of 3mm of flex).

Either way you may have to fab something.