Converting a G11 carby to blo thru ? What needs to be done and how can i do it?

Hi ppl ,I have looked online on how to convert a draw thru carby to blo thru for forced induction.
I found nothing relating to smaller two barrel carb,I believe cb turbo carbies are rare and difficult to find .has a member done a conversion on a g11 carby ?
Pls share if you have done this .:+1::revolving_hearts:

@FrankEnstein is the man to speak to

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I was lucky enough to find a turbo carby when I turbo’d my Ed10. I did run a couple psi through a stock carby for a few weeks, and it did run ok. Until I tried to add more boost and then I just blew all of the gaskets out. John verban did have a couple turbo carby’s, not sure if he has any left but worth checking.
As converting the normal carby to turbo reference, I did a bit of reading up in it and was going to attempt it, but then got a proper one. So I never tried the conversion sorry…

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cant you just make a box around the whole thing and run a rising rate regulator?


I’m not sure there is enough room with the adaptor and a two barrel , it is tight as in a mira’s engine bay

Yes you can. I forgot about that lol. But yeah would be tight and would require some fine welding/fabrication.
If your only chasing a few psi. Like up to 7 or something. You could just do draw through set-up. Would be the easiest to do. Just limits how much boost you can run before it starts getting too hot. And can’t run an Intercooler.

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I do like the idea of a draw thru on a sc but on a custom manifold ,old school

Superchargers don’t like having a blowthrough setup , need to have the carb or tb before it, apparently major probs trying to tune, unless you have a cb61 carby then have seen an AMR500 on one at 14psi, max the amr can do without damaging it

Also check out the directory for Kei Car Shop, John has bone quite a bit with these :slight_smile:

Hey thanks Mokeman!

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Your two other options are a Keicarshop EFI conversion and custom ECU, or get an adaptor plate for a Weber as Weber makes/made heaps of stuff to boost carbies including air hats. And if there’s not genuine Weber gear, you can bet your bottom there’s aftermarket.

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I have an ef el in the 201 now I can swap heads and go that way and intend to but would like that experience of carby ED 10 feel and sound but with the two barrel and a well chosen cam :watch: n :moneybag:

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Checking the block, disassemble, radius crank galleries in the radial direction, measure, hone, measure, polish crank P600 in the lathe, lap head with P150 and surface plate, chase threads and prob something else.

Still need to pull the pistons from rods, linish casting marks from rods, lighten gudgeon pins (normally a gram or two can come off by boring a tapper), static balance all, super clean and have a few cups of coffee.