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“Light you up”, that’s the slogan at Daihatsu these days. From the news I read the company is doing extremely well, and from a manufacturing point of view it has gone is own way and is off Toyota’s leash and is sort of more like it has Toyota on a bit of a tow rope as it pulls the bigger entity with quite force now days when it comes to profits. In fact, there lean manufacturing has been reported to be the pinnacle of doing “more with less” world wide. A word from Okudaira san.

In March 2017, Daihatsu announced its medium and long-term business scenario, entitled D-Challenge 2025, which will play a major role in the company in the future. Through this business scenario, we revealed our intention to evolve the brand through the progressive expansion of two, key axes: MONODUKURI※ and KOTODUKURI※.
I was appointed President in June 2017, and my role in this business scenario is “to execute and to realize.”

I believe that by enhancing Daihatsu’s unique qualities, we will be able to increase the presence of the company within the Toyota Group and, as a result, contribute to the Group’s growth. And in order to enhance the qualities that make Daihatsu unique, we must realize a Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) based on MONODUKURI.

DNGA is simply creating vehicles, beginning with mini vehicles—in other words, the creation of vehicles ranging in size from mini to A and B segment models.

In order to realize DNGA, we will utilize all our strength to achieve three key concepts:

  1. The pursuit of even more high-quality vehicles at even more affordable prices, based on good choices and focus.
  2. The utilization of advanced technologies
  3. The establishment of next-generation SSC—or “Simple, Slim and Compact”
    ※MONODUKURI: A concept for auto manufacturing embodying Daihatsu’s unique value
    ※KOTODUKURI: Increasing points of contact with customers and local communities in a way that is unique to Daihatsu

About MONODUKURI, and the realization of DNGA

  1. The pursuit of even more high-quality vehicles at even more affordable prices, based on good choices and focus.
    In our efforts to provide high-quality vehicles at affordable prices, we have developed a new platform and significantly increased environmental performance, safety and comfort. At the same time, we have fiercely sought to lower costs in order to create products that are as affordable as possible for our customers.

  2. The utilization of advanced technologies
    With regard to advanced technologies, I believe there is still much that Daihatsu can do. The key phrase is “advanced technologies for everybody.”

Daihatsu’s role is to make advanced technologies accessible to everybody. We must provide technologies such as our Smart Assist system to all our customers at an affordable price.

  1. The establishment of next-generation SSC(Simple, Slim and Compact)
    SSC is the essence of what Daihatsu is trying to achieve, and is linked both to improved quality and to human resources development. By realizing SSC and further improving our products to be low-cost yet high-quality, we can make Daihatsu even more competitive.

Using the three key concepts outlined above, Daihatsu will continue to engage in the creation of mini vehicles and compact cars. We will utilize the experience we have cultivated through the development of global models, some of which have been locally produced in emerging nations, fully realize DNGA, and launch new mini vehicles—which comprise the first part of our business scenario—by the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The second axis of D-Challenge 2025 is KOTODUKURI, which is aimed at increasing points of contact with customers and local communities. Immediately engaging in KOTODUKURI activities, strengthening inter-personal connections, and providing extra services will enable us to expand our sales.

In order to evolve the Daihatsu brand through these activities, and in order to better demonstrate the company’s future direction, we have recently updated our Group Slogan to “Light you up.”

Using this new approach, we will keep abreast of trends in global markets and changes in technologies, and provide products and services that prioritize each individual customer in every region. Evolving the brand in this way is, I believe, the best way to realize the ideas encapsulated by the new Group Slogan, “Light you up.”

As a consequence, I intend to encourage Daihatsu employees to be aware at all times that the work they are doing will, somewhere in the world, “light someone up”; and to consider whether this light can help them grow. In so doing, it is my wish to develop a workforce that pursues the qualities that make Daihatsu unique.

Through the execution of these initiatives, I will further enhance Daihatsu’s unique qualities, and grow the company into a brand that the world cannot do without.


Well , let us help the cause and adopt the slogan hey.

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