Cuore battery cables?

Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here :wave:

I’m in the middle of replacing negative battery cables on my L7 Cuore but kind of stumped on exactly which cable size will work. Note: the positive cables look fine so they’re staying, just the negative ones look super haggard.

SCA have these which seem fine but a 35mm diameter is throwing me since the factory cables are about half that diameter. Can negative cables be too big? Or does it not really matter?

Another thing is that the cable to the engine/gearbox (honestly didn’t look exactly what it grounds lol) a much bigger stud than 10mm - not too sure what the actual size is but looks about 15mm. I’ll measure it exactly after work but since I’ll need to replace that lug anyway, am I better off to just buy lugs and cables and make my own leads anyway? Using the same diameter cabling as factory?

I don’t mind the extra work, this car is a learning experience so kind of welcome it. Just wanted to run it by you guys before I commit to blowing myself up!

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bigger the better :slight_smile: i run 0awg

As @Luke says, the bigger the better - it just costs more per metre!

Is the bolt for the negative cable totally broken? I’d expect it to be OK, though worth buying a new eyelet end for the new cable and crimping it onto the negative cable.

Try and clean up the metal round the bit that the negative cable attaches to on the block/gearbox while you are in there, it’ll naturally have developed some surface corrosion which will clean up with sandpaper back to bright metal.

Awesome, thanks heaps guys!!