Cuore L7, add ABS


I’m new here so I hope I don’t open a topic with a question that has already been answered. But I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So here is my question:
I’m looking to get into Daihatsu with a Cuore L7 that I would like to engine swap with a K3VE2 from a Sirion. Though to get it street legal in my country it is almost mandatory to put ABS on it. Could I buy a Cuore L7 without ABS and put it on rather easy by buying the extra parts or just using the ABS from the Sirion donor car?
It would be much more easier to buy a Cuore L7 without any ABS on the cheap because I try to keep it on a low budget.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

im pretty sure the easyest thing to do is to swap over the abs unit (pump) from the sirion. Most likely ou need the abs ecu to make the speedo work. Also you would need Abs rings and sensors on the rear axle, the sirion axle is much wider then the L7 one. But maybe you can swap/make fit the sirion abs parts.

Only thing is, you need to make costum brake lines.
Its not hard if you go with copper brake line, i use it all the time on customer cars and its perfectly fine. You will need a special tool to get the end of the brakeline in a certain shape.

Something like this. Its quite expensive i see now… If you could borrow this tool its an easy job.

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@matpeted Have you seen the series from mo mods? They swap the k3ve and give handy tips.

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