Cuore L7 Upgrades

Hiya, new poster, been lurking reading for ages though lol

I have a Daihatsu Cuore I have put a K3-VET engine in and is running great, now I’ve sorted that I want to start looking to upgrade suspension and bushing etc. My question is - Is there a like for like vehicle that will fit on the cuore? I know from looking through some threats that BC Racing do coilovers however looking through their website I think they have stopped selling them? Or do I need to look at Mira-Move-Charade suspension? are they all the same fitting?
Also where would be the best place to look for uprated arms bushes etc? I know I can get SPAX company to make parts however I’m trying not to spend big £££ even though I know in the long run I probably will. lol

Seem to be coming into an issue with being in the UK alot of parts cant be delivered here or UK companies don’t do anything for the cuore.

Any help would be great, links would be even more help :slight_smile:


BC still make them as far as i know?

Siberian bushes are a great upgrade and if in stock have great delivery times…even backorders were quick for me

Under my sirion/storia I just threw better condition used arms under mine packed with fresh grease, siberian LCA bushes and swaybar front bushes then some solid steel swaybar to LCA bushes from compact motorsport

Rear i just got some generic hard rubber bushes that ill swap into the new shell when i get a chance

Seems to be handling nicely now!

My other car will get all this gear when i put the k3 in, as well as the copen front and rear shocks and 2.9 turn steering rack (front copen springs and rear RSR sirion springs) as well as one or maybe two camber bolts in the front for more camber


I put modified VW Polo front coils under my L7 for a while as they were cheap to buy. For the rear I used Bilstein shocks and V-MAXX/Cobra lowering springs.

In the end I went for BC though. It’s worth the $$$ in my opinion.

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I’d do marc0tjevp’s rear set up, but check the spring rate of Polo coils against what you’ve already got. If you got Polo coils do the back first, drive it and then do the front and see if they are an improvement. The Polo coils might make it understeer a bit. But if the front is bottoming out as it is right now due to the heavier than orig engine, then you might need the Polo bits or a heavier rate.

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I have been looking at doing BC coils and I may have found a rep that can still get them for me, I’m at the stage now where I want to put the money into it, Just waiting for him to get back to me about it now

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Thank you for the info will be a big help, I have managed to source some coilovers.
the info you provided for the bushing is a big help, was just never sure where to start really, was thinking of going full custom however if I can buy and works out cheaper obviously I’d rather do that haha

look forward to seeing your k3 swap, will be joining the dark side haha mine runs like a little kart now I’ve got the k3 in it and I love it

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awesome little car !, I am also in the process of swapping a k3-vet in to an L7… Did you use any L700 front end parts like the axles?

Drive shafts and powersteering rack is L7 original but apart from the body parts everything else is Yrv, copon or siron now :blush:
I’d recommend having both cars when you do the swap as I learn the hard way and scrapped the yrv before I was finished and needed more parts than I thought

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For the Daihatsu Challenge cars here in NZ we use gaz shocks for the Mira and Sirion options (different shocks for each model). We find the gaz shocks are good for both road and track conditions (soft damping for road, hard for track)


You should also consider fitting a Copen sway bar which is way stiffer than the OEM version. My Mira goes well on the track with the stiffer sway bar and stock shocks

Have you got a link for some?

Also does anyone know where I can buy a strut bar?

I got mine off yahoo auctions

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I got my Copen sway bar from a wreckers.


So update is,
I have purchased BC Racing coilovers :smiley:
I am booking in with a company to do a full under seal coat and protect so I know it will never rust haha famous last word I know.
The company are also going to remove all old parts before treating the underside and fitting all the new parts I provide, little easier then struggling on the drive to do it myself these days since I haven’t got a shop myself anymore.
Wheels are booking in for a re spray in a couple of months :slightly_smiling_face:
everything is slowly starting to come together.

However :frowning:
I have to replace the pullies as I can now hear my pully bearing being all upset and I do have to also re check everything on the engine again as I seem to have sprung another leak, looks like from the gear box housing for the gear oil that’s leaking and somewhere there seems to be a little coolant leak hah never ending.
either I got too heavy of a foot for the engine or it just like to leak power haha

New window to be fitted in about a week or so curtesy of my insurance company :stuck_out_tongue:

and that’s about it for the update so far :smiley: I will get picture up once all that’s been done, will be a whole different car at that point!


Before coating anything make sure ALL rust is completely gone.
Otherwise it WILL rust away even faster.

You’re going to love the BC’s. They’re great coilovers!

Oh don’t worry I’m paying a company to do it, they are restoration professionals, I have a meeting with them Friday to go over the process. Thank you for the concern though.

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