Cuore L7

Hii Community ,

My Name is Luca and i am from germany.
I want to Swap the original engine with the K3VE2 in my cuore l7.
Hopefully i can read Here about this, Many Things :smiley: .
Thanks for Reading


Welcome to the forum Luca :slight_smile:


Welcome Luca,

K3VE into an L7 has become the rigueur de jour. Going to be lots of people who could help. Any pics of your Dai? These images might help boost the communities interest in helping. I once did the swap in a weekend, but I had EFIMira leading the change (his L700 actually) and with such a switched on team member it was quite easy (little excavator also helped to lift the cars off the power plants).


welcome to the forum! there are quite a few people on the forum here who have completed the swap, so I’m sure you’ll find tons of answers! best of luck!

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Thank you for your answers.
Next time i Take some Picture of my parts and Cars and make a checklist for the Motorswap. I Thing, i have forgotten Something xD…
We will see :grin:

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welcome RZLunte!
By all these answer’s you have it looks like you’ve come to the right place :slight_smile:

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