Cuore L701 with canvas top?

Found on some local ads a cuore with a sunroof, never seen that on the net, even has weird tailights and trim on doors, im waiting to hear from the guy, if the price is okay im buying it (until my wife kills me ofcourse)

Is it a rare model or what?


Got some more info from the guy, it has german papers, not imported sadly, engine smokes, interior is like new, aircon, powersteering, NO rust

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What is the asking price?

300euro, but it cant be registred and is 500km away :disappointed_relieved:

The sunroof might be from a Renault Twingo. I’ve seen it a couple of times before.
The chrome on the taillights is glued on (i think. I’ve had a sirion with something like that on the headlights and were removed very easily).

For 300,- i’d go for it. You can’t go wrong for that price.

Btw, why can’t it be registered?