Cuore L701 with yaris 1.3 engine

hey guys, I have an offer from a friend, he is willing to get me really cheap a halfcut of a yaris with a 86hp 1.3 engine (mk1 yaris). is it possible to fit that engine in a cuore(mira/gino)? anybody did it ? I have ecu, harness and the full engine… possibly both with engine mounts also…

It isn’t a conversion I have heard of but there is always a chance to pioneer it. Important to measure between the chassis rails and the engine ane gearbox together to ensure it will fit without cutting the chassis rails.


We need more pioneers!


I mean there was a guy who bolted a 1.8 miata on a gino, but I kind of want a friendlier car :smiley: I’ll go visit some junkyards then :smiley:

if thats the same block as their other 1.3 in he duet then it’s an easy swap
but why not just go with a daihatsu version anyway?