Cuore project join me to see what happens 🤔

I recently joined this Livetodai community as I came across it while searching Daihatsu Cuore on the webs as I had just bought my first Cuore. I bought this car as i had chanced upon it though I was not looking for one at this time and as the price was I believe quite reasonable I kinda just had to buy it lol.

Always had a liking for the little Cuore I even test drove one new at my local Daihatsu dealer all those years ago. Unfortunately I could not really afford one back then and as some say good things come to those who wait. These cars remind me a lot of the early mini’s I used to have.

Anyway here is a pick of the car from where I bought it from.

I was told the car needed a new head gasket fitted it also came with a new one plus exhaust manifold gasket. There was some spare parts in the boot a cylinder head, inlet manifold with throttle body, 3 coil packs, starter motor, alternator, battery and various other small bits and pieces. The Cuore had not been running for some three year’s. So I took a chance on the car and we will see what happens.


It looks pretty good for a car that’s been sitting for 3 years.
I’d love to see what’ll happen.

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nice pick up with the cuore mate. Youknow you can get the gino conversion’s so it can look even more like a mini if you really wanted. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate and yes i have seen those gino versions and i like them alot. Maybe down the track a gino swap, just got to get it running and on the road first. then start doing some engine mods to the ej-de.


G’day mate and welcome to the forum

Cheers great to be here.

Love the green. Looks great with that front end. Not a Gino fan at all. Put your effort into a K3VE swap. That is the single best thing you can do to one. I’ve done the swap in the past (and it happened to be dark green too). The only regret was not machining a heap of weight off the flywheel.

Yes I love the green colour to👍 At this stage I am keen to stay with the ej-de motor and I am wanting to do engine mods to improve fuel economy and hopefully some extra performance as well. Did you have any luck finding the crankshaft pulleys and key at all? If not I will try and find them in Melbourne this week as I will be going there to help out a couple of friends get the cars fixed. Lot’s more wreckers in Melbourne then all of Tasmania.

Good news while I am in Melbourne I went to a wreckers and got all the parts I was in need of to get the Cuore back on the road except the wheels. Still hope to find the wheels before I head back home to Tasmania. Actually made contact with many wreckers around Melbourne and so far only two have one Cuore each in stock. Seems not many of these things about any more. I know we did not get a big number of these when new though seem rather scarce now.


Did find a pulley. Was still after the other two bits. Glad you found them.

Thanks for looking for me Mr_Gormsby. And I did get a set of wheels at the other wreckers today so got everything now.


After getting home from my time in Melbourne and Brisbane I fitted some of the parts I purchased and got the engine running. Problem it was blowing out enough smoke to rival a good burnout :rofl:. Next I pulled the cylinder head and sump off then took out the pistons and as suspected the oil control rings were stuck with carbon build up. Lot’s of cleaning to free up the rings and unblock the oil drain holes in the pistons.

Cylinder head before and after cleaning.

I hope it will be much better once I get it back together.


Today I had the Cuore inspected for road worthy check and it passed woohoo and it is now registered. Did some 250klm and it went rather well indeed😀.


Unfortunately I hit a Kangaroo traveling home last week :angry:.

Car still drive home okay some 12 kilometres and I am fine.


Sigh. Awful to hear and see. I hope not too much damage under the skin.

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Not to bad though i still can not workout how the radiator never leaked as it was messed up bad so bad it punched the fan motor out the back of it’s housing. lucky it was cold and mostly highway driving home as if the cooling fan needed to turn on it would have ripped out it’s wiring.


Good to see another Cuore out there getting back to where it should be. I recently bought one for myself, the previous owner had used it for a food delivery vehicle and was a smoker, it stank and food was stuck in every crevice!

Once I had pulled out the interior, thoroughly cleaned the carpet, seats and anything else I could get my hands on.

I have now since discovered the Cuore needs a little attention. Front drive shafts need replacing, the two front seats also need replacing. I would like to upgrade these seat for something perhaps from a Sirion. Brakes have been worn down to bare metal, the rear tails light are broken and the is some need of panel beating on the rear drivers side panel (RHD version). Oh, and a new exhaust is needed.

It does run and is drivable, to an extent. Once I have these issues sorted out, I will have a nice little cruiser :grinning: As I am new to the whole Daihatsu scene, accessing parts has been interesting to say the least. What I need particular information on is seats, at the moment, I have seen so many conversions but without the process in doing so. If anyone out there can provide the necessary steps in converting Sirion seats into a Cuore, please help me.

Looking forward to hearing from this great community :blush: