Cuore V L7_ 2000 Polish build

Just wanted to share my project, its mostly visual, i recently swapped Charade G200 GTTI rims and made a session directly after leaving car wash :slight_smile:
I am planning on making interior LEDs , it is going to be battery fed installation with a rocker switch on the panel, so i need to make some changes to the LED set i got. I am looking for Copen steering wheel (MOMO), the one i got for a newer cuore doesn’t fit in any dimension and is way larger.
I am also wondering about making the car more stable, since the current rim is '14 and i wanted TOYO tires, i took 165/65 (original was '13, also 65 in height), it fits perfectly, but scratches my rear fender on bumps. Has anyone hardened their rear in Cuore? How was it done and what was the outcome? Other than that i just swapped front brake pads and discs on front to kinda-performance class (EBC brakes), struggling to find a fitting rear drum, the ones i bought were 3-4mm too tiny and brake couldn’t reach the drum :confused:


Just by looking at the pics I think you have wrong offset on those wheels. I run 165 50 15 lowered ,and have no rubbing, on my winter set 175 65 13 also no rubbing.
To make it more stable you need harder springs on the back, more spring rate, a simple solution for you would be rubber spring inserts and new shocks for the rear

My setup is ta technix lowering springs front and back, also in the back spring rubber inserts. Front shocks standard, rear shocks hyundai pony (excel x2)


I know, i picked 165/65, should have used 60 or 55, but well, not a huge offer of tires in these sizes, so i went quite standard here. I was wondering about lowering springs, actually whole lowering set like this one:
And its ta-technix indeed.
In your opinion, would that + rubber inserts work? Where can i get such inserts, it looks just like a solution - maybe i will lose my teeth on the bump, but at least i wont hear the rubbing :smiley:

Cant comment on that set, I only have springs which are surprisingly good, dont know about their shocks.

Just be warned if you have rubbing now when lowered it will be worse even with stiffer suspension.

What is the offset of your wheels? ET number written on them?

Rubber inserts are from Aliexpress.

I looked for the inserts via image search and i think i found the same aliexpress offer. As for the suspension, this was my main concern, its already rubbing, so if i go lower , it will be even worse, now im wondering if just buing chineese piece of rubber would suffice…
You mean those , right? Size B, 30mm?

I am not certain on what exactly these rims are, but these were mounted on Charade GTti from 1993, so internet says 5.5Jx14 ET40, Cuore should have 5J and thats the risk i took ordering. Also, every catalogue says i should use 165x60 or 155x60, but i have 165x65, thats what makes rubbing, these 5mm higher in profile plus one inch, about 4cm in the rim itself. Previously i had 155/65 x 13 and no rubbing whatsover, but every hole in the road or a bump was caught by the suspension, not the wheel as it was too tiny. Now its comfy comparing to 13s. As for the springs, are the springs from ta-technix harder, or softer than the custom? I also found offers with springs only, about half the price of the whole suspension set

These, type D is the right measure:

I have clear ones with holes but will also order these to see the difference

Those are aftermarket wheels, you need to take one off the car and look what is written in the back, it is useless to talk about it without knowing the exact info :smile:

Look at these photos below, rims are steelies from 1st gen new MINI, 5.5x15 ET45 with 165/50-15 tires. There is about 25mm from the edge to the rim. Even without inserts and driving with my friends no rubbing at all, 3 of us, im 85kg, one friend is 70kg, other about 95kg, thats alot lol

Springs are stiffer than oem, bought directly from tatechnix a few years ago.

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Hmm, well, i will just order the piece of rubber from China and we will see, as for the springs , if these are stiffer than oem, why are these advertised as lowering springs? I assume just shorter in height, so i will order complete opposite, just found a catalogue , a lot of springs would fit, hmm

As for my setup, i have no issue with gap on the front, where all the weight is… its only problematic on the empty rear, so maybe condition of my springs on the rear is not the best, or maybe if i just buy a longer ones (a bit, still fitting per catalogue), and put the spacer it should be a-okay.

Thanks for the info on the type of rubber !

You said its rubbing on your fender in the rear.
If it rubs your FENDER your wheel is sticking OUT too much.
I showed you how much gap there is on the rear of my car with my setup and it does NOT rub anywhere.

Almost all lowering springs are at least a little stiffer, it makes sense to have less motion when the car is lower.

If Im wrong someone will hopefully correct me cuz this is all from me :rofl: good luck on your modding my dude, post some pics after its done.

Oh well, wrong pick of words, what i meant is wheel arch , above the wheel on the inside. Wheels do not stick out at all, maybe a militer or two (but here the 165 and 5.5j - width of the tire and the rim matters). Maybe it takes fender, too? But its not too likely. Anyway, rubber thing is on its way :slight_smile:

Anways, time to share my todays work, it is not mounted yet, but i made a 12v LED atmospheric lights that are 1.2v batteries fed, instead of cig lighter 12V source. I wanted to avoid draining this tiny battery the car has by accident, forgetting to unplug the thing (micro voltage would still be taken even if the lights are off), there is also a rocker switch that will go to my front panel , in place of the digital watch, from which i took the power to my radio memory so its dead anyway :slight_smile:
Some photos :


So, i installed the lights inside the Cuore, first i had to scrap half of my panel:

Had to sacrifice the place as i had to hide the batteries somewhere:

Fun fact: you have to remove the bottom front panel on gears - lock2 or lock1 when you have automatic gearbox, otherwise its stuck against the lewer. So you basically pull the panel live, holding brake. Cool memory thats for sure.

The effect is imho stunning, i have Tokio 1990s vibes:

I have the video presenting how the whole thing works (i mounted a rocker switch on the panel), but i cannot upload it easily. Maybe i will share later on via youtube, when my JDM floor mats arrive :slight_smile: