Hi there,

Are there more people with a Cuore L60? I’m from Belgium, lived in The Netherlands first. My L60 is from 1984, 10 inch wheels and drum brakes. 617 cc 2 cylinder engine. In 1993 I saved this car from the junkyard.
I am looking for spare parts as well, because she needs to be restorated.


With kind regards!

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hey mate welcome. there are a few around in Australia but not that many. @DaleJeffree plays with them the most that I know of.

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That’s Evil.

CuoreL60, which parts are you looking for ?

Thanks for your kind replies!

Here in Europe there are just a few too I’m afraid. Especially the type I have, with the 10 inch wheels and front and rear drum brakes.

I’m looking for body parts, wheel brake cylinders front and rear…fuel pump…whatever is there that fits my car :grin:

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I don’t have any new wheel cylinders but I’ll ask at the my parts store.
Most models here are disc brake front and drum brake rear. Although the only disc brake front is on my car.

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Thank you very much for this, you’re too kind :blush: