Custom coilovers

Hi fellow l2d members,

I have got a question about coilovers.
Its about an charade g100 sedan.
Over here in Holland its very hard/expensive to get coilovers for an charade.
Are there any other models that will fit with minor work ?
Dont mind a litle bit of fabrication but i need a good base to start with.

Kinds regards,

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You can order parts from Yahoo auctions Japan through a website called buyee, they ship to Europe. Also check eibach and bilstein, I thought I saw something there for charade when I was looking for Sirion suspension. I have also heard of someone using Nissan s13 coilovers on a Daihatsu with only a little modification but I guess you would also have difficulty finding those parts over here…
Another place to look would be a company called GAZ shocks over in the UK.

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Thx for the quick reply,
But im not looking to spend 1000 euro on shocks and springs.
Ive heard of using the front ones from a golf 2 but i would need to buy two sets.

i have customyzed a Original set , 5cm lower than Original drives great

Do you have a problem with leaking shocks after putting other springs on there?

no, adjusted topmount so that that is not possible

Cool, thanks for explaining