Cylinder head EF-JL

Good morning
I’m chasing a cylinder head for a EF-JL one is damaged beyond repair. My car is at the workshop in pieces and if I can’t find one will be coming home in pieces :tired_face:
Has anyone one got a good one they wish to sell or can point me in the right direction to find one. I’ve had one shipped from Malaysia but it was the wrong one and was also damaged with cracking already started. I’m located on the Sunshine Coast but happy to pay for shipping


define damaged beyond repair. cracking or warped or???
Many ef el and similar heads (this would be jl) do get cracks from spark plug hole to the valve seats. I have usually seen them in cylinder 3 more than other cylinders.
In all the ones I have seen these cracks have not posed a problem and I have personally ran them with cracks as has many other’s.
It would help to know what intake you are running as there is differences with the intakes between L200 and L500. Some of the L500 ones have the runners more like the ed20 style and some will be like the L200.

It’s L500 the cracking on my head is in the spark plug hole. Fella said can’t repair.

Msg from mechanic

Yes 100% unrepairable no possible way to weld up the crack down inside the spark plug hole through to the water jacket right in between the two valves without pressure testing the other cylinder head looks like it’s a common problem as the new head seems to look a bit similar without Presser testing would not know for sure must be a common problem with them

yep thats the one

So no good find a new one ?

Is there any Australian delivered Daihatsu with the same head I could use ?

ef el but as said here and FB there can be a difference in the intake manifold’s for the head’s. As for your question about finding a new one. The answer is do you want to get that one pressure tested or put it on and see how it goes or do you want to find another one? AsI mentioned earlier I have seen a few with cracks and still put on and run fine even with boost. It’s a roll of the dice and up to you.

Yeah it’s been pressure treated and failed. All good I’ve got a EF-el head on the way hopefully they can make that work. :+1:t4:


I would say find a new machine shop.

I found an engine shop here in South Australia who says nothing is impossible its always about the money. I witnessed him cut the combustion chamber out of a $5000 AUD billet Subaru head to repair a water gallery behind it. Ask around there will be speed shop guys that will know of one or two people crazy enough to take on the challenge, they are usually older gents who don’t use cnc to get the job done.

You have to determine what the part is worth to you. With the bloke I used we set a budget to repair and modify the 2 cylinder head of approximately $1000 AUD with contingencies to spend up to $2500 if needed - I wanted this head to be near perfect and considering it was out of production from 1985. Fortunately it came in at $1300 AUD.