Daihard3cyl G11 cb70 conversion

Hi guys,

Since we have made the transition to the new website, my build thread has been lost.
I honestly don’t have time to recap all of this, so i thought i’d just post a few updated pics.

Unfortunately, life has kinda slowed down the progress of the old girl.
Having our first child, a change of jobs and moving house in the last year meant i had no room or spare time to work on the car.

Anyway here is a few updated pics.


hey mate just to let you know photobucket pics no longer work on any forum unless you pay them stupid money for the priveledge. You can just upload them straight here or if on a pc use with win 8 and 10 etc just use that to snip what you want and paste it across.

Cheers mate. I remembered just after i posted them. Oops lol.

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omg those engines look so good along with the rest of the car

Getting there slowly. It’s not as easy conversion as i first thought.

We had to use the cb70 gearbox as the original is different.
The brake booster fouled and i need a longer throttle cable.

The intercooler and piping was also a challenge.
I now have to run a smaller battery so the piping wont foul on anything.

My mate lost the banjo fittings off the turbo oil feed line, so i need to try and find out what size they are to replace them.

I’m still working on the ecu wiring whenever i get a spare minute at home.