Daiharris L200 streeter/track build

Hey guys.

Thought I’d introduce myself… I’m Harris and I’ve recently purchased an L200 Mira which I’m planning on turning into a track car that can be used on the street…

I’ve just recently sold my 400hp 180sx track/streeter and have been a bit bored driving my spec b liberty around so I was looking for another car that I could race when I came across a photo of a Mira from the race series in Malaysia…

Once I saw that I started hunting around and have finally found what I was looking for, an L200 with no rust as a good starting base…

The plan in the short term is to buy a wrecked Sirion and transplant engine, box, hubs brakes and whatever else is necessary before putting a little turbo onto the sirion engine and running with that…

I’ve got a bit of experience building cars as the 180sx was dead stock when I purchased it but it ultimately turned into a pretty decent race car…

So yeah, here’s the photos of the Mira when I picked it up, will start up a build thread once i get more shit sorted but for the meantime these few pics will do…

And a bonus pic of the 180, I miss it so much already but I was offered stupid money for it so I took the cash and ran…

Alright thanks guys…
Drive safe!


What sort of “track work”?

welcome mate nice score with the mira :slight_smile:

welcome to the forum, the mira looks good, but love the 180 :open_mouth:

Hi mate welcome.

Um, it’s just a local time attack series up here, the track is actually a big go kart track so a turbo Mira should be perfect for it… I’m not sure how to link videos but here’s an onboard from the 180…


Yeah the 180 was good… Td06, gtr brakes, everything was done on it… But the right offer came so I took it… I wrote into the receipt that oldmate had to sell me the trispokes back when he was done with them so I’m pretty stoked on that… Hahahaha


More or less looks like the sort of thing we are doing in Khanacross at Willbank with the Holden Sporting Car Club. Heaps O fun.

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Hahahaha I shared the wrong video… That’s a section of the Townsville V8 supercars section that we use every year, this is a video of the track the Mira will primarily be useful on…


Yep, that’s more like a kart track. Fantastic.

From my experience you will really want an LSD. That was the make or break addition as to whether I would go ahead or not. Many guys out there think they will need big power. Having driven an L200 Mira with 180hp and an open diff I would guarantee my 80hp Mira with LSD would be faster in any situation where you need drive out of a corner. No point having grunt if you just smoke one tire. I run either a viscous or clutch pack LSD. Both are jack-shaft type. The clutch type is “track only” (it attracts attention due to noise, is hard on drive shafts unless you have your boot into it and gives you a work out as it wrestles the steering [I have two turn lock to lock so heavy as it is] whereas the viscous is not as savage.


Cheers man, that’s awesome… I’m definitely going to want some of your input then later down the track for these sorts of things, I’ve been a rwd Nissan man my entire life but am keen on learning stuff about the Miras… Thanks heaps bro…

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I’ve played with a lot of Datsuns and Nissans also. In the 80’s my first car out of school was a Datsun 1600. Turbos were rare and we were all into twin DCOE webers w/ big camshafts or single IDA webers for rotaries. After putting the Webers on the next thing was a facotry R180 LSD. Also had zeds and Silvia rally cars (S12 FJ20 w/ IRS back when they were new), so consequently had a few R200 clutch type and torsion LSDs. Last Nissan/Datsun was a 1200 2dor sedan with a factory A series EFI manifold, A14 works head w/ flat top pistons on a 1500cc block, 74deg works race cam, Haltech ECU, H190 Nissan “works” LSD, 300zx front struts and brakes…and only 700kg (Best Datsun/Nissan I ever had). A lot of that time I worked for a Datusn/Nissan specialist preparing rally, club cars and “hot” street cars (not a single one of them would have anywhere near the level of power you had). I did, however, have an early mini with a David Vizard engine which was a hoot to drive. So with some FWD experience I jumped at the chance to drive a Group A rally Suzuki Swift which was brutal (customer’s car that we prepped and provided service crew support for). That impression is etched in my mind and has helped me to understand how quick a FWD can be, how to set it up an how to drive it.

If you think you are going to end up with huge power look at putting an LSD into an M100 box. I’ve not done that yet but I have measured up a TRD Starlet diff and think that will fit the Daihatsu M100 box. These have much better ratios than an of the boxes from behind the E series.


I don’t think I’ll be going for huge power initially, obviously getting a good balance in the car will be priority first up. I will need to grill you about some of the finer aspects of the drivetrain further down the road though… Hahaha


Yo,gidday m8 off to a good start .Gr8 attitude hope to c u around .B-)

Got it sorted boys… Ended up removing the windows sill rubber and sliding the hanger down and unlocking the car like that… Got a few weird looks from people in the houses next door to the empty block the car was sitting on but eventually got it sorted and home… Thanks everyone for your help!

Here it is in my driveway…


and back spoilers on it also very nice :slight_smile:

Nice score on the little mira, I feel ur Nissan love, I’ve got 2 s13 Silvia and a topless, one of my s13s I got hand picked and privately imported from Japan when I was 17, spent a fair amount of money on it ended up getting the VIN number tattooed on my arm… going to get the ‘topless’ sticker done aswell,

keep us posted on the build :slight_smile:

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