Daihatsu A4Q/U540E 4 Speed Automatic Transmission Reinforcement

Hey guys. I know this might not be a famous topic but I’ve been doing track day using automatic transmission for few years now. If you wanted to ask why i did not choose to use stick it is because i had gone through a major surgery for my left ankle which had a level 3 ligament tear.

Previously i used K3-VET in my perodua kelisa but end up tearing the oem conrod due to overboost. Now i’m using 3SZ. Below is my previous trackday video and if you can see from both video, the slip in the gearbox become worst as the temperature rises. Since there is not much automatic gearbox player in Malaysia compared to USA and Aussie i did not manage to get enough information on how i can customize and strengthen the beloved A4Q/U540E gearbox for K3-VET/3SZ. Is there anyone here do know how? or maybe can suggest what can i do to the trans.

Previous K3-VET

3SZ Stock

Thanks guys.