Daihatsu charades from Spain

Hi there, I’m a daihatsu enthusiast from Spain, I currently have 2 charades, g100 gtti and g102 tr.

Since I bought my g102 almost 3 years ago I’ve been a real nerd about these cars and I could find what I believe is the lowest mileage gtti alive in the world with just 2170kms in my own country, a press car that never got registered and was stored for almost 35 years. So my 1.3i is kinda the long term project where I’d like to swap the engine for a 1.0 turbo or upgrade it to a 1.6 hd-e, and the gtti is my jewel wich I only use for special occasions.



Vey nice charades. Welcome. I look forward to seeing what you do with the long term project. :slight_smile:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome! Great to see more charades out there. The white one reminds me of mine when i first bought it.
Very good example of a GTti too!

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Thanks! :slight_smile: It’s not easy to get them here but I hope to expand my charade and daihatsu collection. I’m behind a g112 and an applause pre facelift that I managed to get in contact with the owners, hope they sell them to me any time soon haha.

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G112 is the AWD model? I cant imagine there would be many spares around for those.

Yes, it wasn’t sold here but this unit came imported from Switzerland in 2002. In fact, there are less units of 4WD than gtti’s built haha. I have a set of wheels that were used in the safari rally that would be perfect for that one.

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I doubt very much there were any delivered to Australia then, unless someone has imported one. Ive really only seen them on YouTube.

Welcome, nice rides. Can’t wait to see the project thread :grin: