Daihatsu Cuore L251


My name is Aleksa. I live in Serbia (Europe). Sorry for bad english.
I have Cuore past 11 years.
In last few months car started to overheating and losing water.
I disassemble engine, and in that time forget to put little screw on intake camshaft…
I realize that when finish the car and engine wont start.
Krank but not firing…
I disassemble camshafts again and saw that intake camshaft is asembled from 2 pieces wich I forget to fix with screw…(Number 4 on picture)

If someone know hot to solve the position on pulley on intake camshaft, please write up

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Welcome Aleksa,

I would not worry too much about your “bad English” some of the native speakers that pop in here from time to time can be worse (and that’s okay).

Can you rule out other issues such as “it has spark”, “fuel pressure is good”, “crank timing is correct” and “cam ignition teeth synced right”? From your picture it looks like the inner and outer rows of teeth on the inlet cam remained in phase (which they have to as they mesh to the exhaust gear).

While I don’t remember the screw in question and I don’t have a regular cam handy I do have a DVVT EJDE cam here and I suspect the screw might have some cross over of parts between the EJDE and EJVE.

Someone else might have more insight.


Thank for reply Gormsby,

I forget to say, it has spark, timing is on marks, it has fuel.
Teeth on cams positioned on same marks…
Just that screw that make spring tensioned inside pulley i forget to put…

This is the screw that i didnt put ih that hole…
If someone know how to fix that, please write

I guess that the timing is off.
If the tensioned pulley is 1 tooth off it wouldn’t affect the timing, it would make a little noise with the motor running that’s all.

Are you sure you’ve mounted the inlet cam on the inlet side?

Yes, agree with that, 1 tooth is not a problem…
Its not posible to chagne inlet and exhaust cam. Intake cam iz ,longer" (on other side has cam sensor reader)

I will tommorow put intake cam pulley on middle (that little pulley) and see how it will be…

I have a vernier adjustable set up. Moving the cams effectively by one tooth should not be a problem to it running at all. However, moving the the ignition timing plate can. My vernier set up lets me move the cams but with slots in the timing plate I can move that back. My cams are retarded which brings more top end power but timing is in the orig location.

I found a link to a video that has helped me… came across this forum when trying to find a solution n realised no one has found it here yet… cara mudah kembalikan gear camshaft terlepas/perodua viva - YouTube
hope this helps… the video is is Malay but following his actions are intuitive… all the best!