Daihatsu Cuore L7 / Mira on Nürburgring Nordschleife


as already said I took my little 4 door Cuore around the Nordschleife a couple of weeks ago.

I have never been on the track before. Conditions were very slippery and 8 years old tires didn´t help.

It was such a nice experience. I could improve from time to time. You can see the difference between my first lap and my third lap.

The Cuore did great. The low weight really helped a lot on the track.

I am really looking forward for upcoming tracktime with the D.

I am sharing this videos for the winter depression here in Germany. We have lot of snow here :frowning:

1st Lap ever in the Ring:

2nd Lap:

3rd Lap:

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Was that a crashed car on the right and just witches hats guiding you past?

Yep, correct.
They closed the Track afterwards to clean everything and bring the car back to the “Pits”