Daihatsu Cuore / Mira L700 Auto to Manual Swap

Hello all,
I am looking into buying a 2000 Cuore that I have found local to me (they come up once in a blue moon) everything on the car is perfect (3 door, white) and it’s in exceptional condition but it’s an automatic, I was looking to change this to a a manual if I manage to by the car but first I’d like to know what’s involved, I am no stranger to tinkering with cars so I will be doing all the work myself. I tried looking online for any half decent information and I couldn’t really find any, once I have completed the swap I will make a full detailed write up of it on here so to help people in the future. So what parts are required? I realise I’m going to need:
Manual gearbox (what other models was the same box used in?)
A manual pedal box (what other cars can I use one from? E.g. YRV)
Clutch, flywheel and pressure plate assembly
Clutch cable
Gear linkage?
Are there any other parts I need and what different models could they come from? The cuore is very rare where I come from and daihatsu’s generally are quite hard to get hold of, so the more different models one part could come from the better that is for me finding it :+1:
Thank you in advance for any help / words of wisdom :slight_smile: