Daihatsu Feroza & Applause Engine Swap

Hey Guys,

I recently purchased a 1993 Daihatsu Feroza and turns out it has a blown engine… Compression is horrible and looking to get a replacement.

I’m finding it pretty hard to find doner engines and was wondering if I could get an engine out of an applause because I hear they’re the same? Both 1.6L HD-E

Just wondering is there much modification that needs to be done for the swap to be done?


Welcome. I am sure someone here will have the info you are after. We hope you might join the family here. The proper manner is to share some pictures and tell us what you plan on doing with your dai. This will give those that can help a bit more inspiration.


Welcome! What @Mr_Gormsby said. Have a nice stay! I hope you join the family for good! Also introduce your self and your Dai in ALL NEW PEOPLE.

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You can use an applause engine no worries but you will need to swap the feroza sump over to the new motor due to the clearance for the sterring rack and other suspension parts in the feroza.

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Hello and welcome,
Have you thought about diagnosing and repairing the engine thats in there?
If it had a rod out of the side it’d be a worry but low compression should be an easy fix.


Awesome idea - whats steps would you consider?

Probably start with checking the water and oil for any signs of mixing as per blown head gasket. Pull the plugs having a look at them and down the bores for oil indicating blow back. Compression test all cylinders to determine if its one or all cylinders that are low. Listen for knocks of metallic sounds. Start eliminating things that are within you capability and google for further tests that can be done at home.
Rebuilding an existing engine can be just as time and cost effective as finding a secondhand replacement that may have its own problems aswell.


Solid response and I agree with a replacement engine being potentially equally as problematic.


Hi all i got this 94 Feroza 2 motors blown head s o i got an applause motor anyway i read in this chat to change the sump over so thanky you to whom. So my Question is does anyone know if they could tow lets say a 13 or 14 ft boat obviously a heavy outboard etc will it tow okat up hills etc.??

Hi David,

94 Feroza, nice! Post up some images and a sentence or two about your Dai in the introduction section. Sharing an image or two is a contribution that can help get those “who know” excited about helping.


Hey, folk I just joined this forum because I am a dai owner of a 93 Feroza. it’s been in the garage for a bit one of my connecting rods became loose and blew out my cylinder block. I recently replaced the block but now I am unable to find a replacement clutch kit in jamaica. Any suggestion of a substitute clutch model that is compatible.

Welcome! Why don’t you introduce yourself on the welcome page and treat us with some pics?
I’m no expert on clutches (to be honest I’m only an expert in breaking stuff) but what gearbox do you have? If I recall correctly most Daihatsu gearboxes aren’t a unique design so there should be plenty of choice. The Feroza has a HD engine right?


The Feroza F300 engine is strong and reliable, as is the gearbox but the clutch is weak for towing… i have already replaced my clutch plates 3 times: each occasion was due to towing jet skis or my boat on either sand or up a short/steep ramp/driveway/slipway.
I need to replace it again after towing a 3 ton truck 50 meters on a very slight inclination (impossible for 2 guys to push the truck!) just to bump start the truck!
On the beach, during a cyclone, i dramatically lowered my feroza tyre pressure to tow 6 jet-ski trailers out of the water and 50 meters up a sandy beach (one at a time!) I could smell the clutch plates burning from the 2nd pull :frowning:
Mines a '93 F300 with 280,000km on the clock and still running, but i have finally pulled her off the road to fit new rings and a reconditioned cylinder head due to slightly low compression. My original head needs skimming due to corrosion pits between the cylinders ( a reconditioned head from Greece was cheaper / more reliable) than sending to any engineering shop in Fiji ).

Thankyou for your valuable input you seem to have a wealth of good knowledge there. Could you please make an intro thread in the “all new section” so you can gain the most from the forum.

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