Daihatsu Gearbox cross compatability

Hello all,
im sorry if this has been discussed before ive tried and tried and could not find any answers so im asking the good people of the livetodai forums once again for some much needed help

I have a 1981 G10 Charade G10 that i bought earlier this year for the grand sum of £500 ($950 AUD) however with it being so cheap it was missing one rather critical component… the engine! :sweat_smile:

Originally it shipped with the choice of CB10/11/20/31/32, the gearbox and driveshafts are still fitted and the starter motor is still present but the flywheel and clutch are not. To make getting it on the road slightly simpler i was wondering if my gearbox that would have mated originally to a CB engine would bolt up to any other of Daihatsus offerings? I’m presuming all the CB engines will work but what about later engines? Specific engine i have in mind is an EJ-DE as these are relatively easy to source in the UK, im not too concerned about having to fabricate custom engine mounts but at the moment i really need an engine that is easy and cheap to source but will play nicely with my gearbox and an off the shelf clutch and flywheel solution

Thanks in advance for the words of wisdom im sure to recieve, hopefully i can get this thing on the road before summer is over!


If it is the same as a cb23/24 bolt pattern. The it will work fine I have bolted up a cb23/24 gearbox to an ed10 and they fit with. side buy side the ejde and the CB grearbox’s look pretty much the same. I ended up using a gearbox from an L251 which has the ejde over here in the combo I did with the ed10.

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I don’t know much about the EJ-DE and CB compatability but what I do know is the the CB 23 or 24 will live twice as long as an EJ-DE. I have a cb24 in my G202 Charade and that is 268,000 km old - it has a slight bottom end knock for the last 90,000 km which I fixed with running thicker oil.
The engine is still going strong and I expect it will for maybe another 100,000 km.

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I’m thinking the “safest” logic is just buy an EJ and hope for the best haha

If I could find a CB engine in this country that wasn’t a 2k GTTi engine id go for that option but I can’t find any CB engines in the UK only found a few in Europe and no one will ship an engine that far sadly

I’ve not looked into it much, but seen discussion that a Subaru EF12 engine might be compatible?

sadly theres even less hope of finding a subaru EF engine in the uk than there is a CB i think