Daihatsu L55/L60 hubs & calipers

I am selling parts from my race Handivan that are no longer suitable for my set up.
A pair of discs. They could be used as is and they are within wear limits but would benefit from a light skimming.

A pair of hubs. They are for what I can tell original bearings, the car has done 236,000 km. I didn’t notice any movement when taking them apart, so they should okay to use as is.

A pair of calipers. These up to now had original pads, they weren’t worn down until I drove the car. Seals aren’t broken but would benefit from a refurb kit. For the cost of the kit I will do this for the buyer.

Obviously I am not wanting drug money, they are only worth what you are willing to pay. I would rather see them sold dirt cheap to a member here than getting thrown in the scrap bin

Just wondering if you still have the Handivan hubs?
They are the flanges with the splined hole that the disks bolt to, right?

Yeah I do but they are currently holding up car, and it’s currently in storage. Once I have sold our house and bought another I will remove them and they will be available again.

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Thanks for the info. Will probably still be interested! I’m not in a phenomenal hurry, my wife says I can play with the car when I retire. Gee thanks!

But there’s nothing to stop me getting the bits it needs.

I got the car a few years back. The previous owner had taken the motor and drivetrain out to fix the gearbox and was moving house the next day. If you can take it tonight you can have it for nothing. So my son in law and I lifted the front bumper, put a couple of skateboards under the front sill and pushed it onto a trailer.

The broken gearbox turned out to be a stripped hub spline caused by a dead CV joint.
I have the replacement joint, just need the hub.

And a few more things!