Daihatsu L650 drum brakes replacement

Hello good people,

I have a problem with a grinding sound coming from the rear of the L650 during braking.

I tried getting the drum cover off today with no luck. It’s very very rusty. Any tips there?

Also, I want to order the replacement shoes before my next attempt. Does the L650 share the same drum brakes with the L700?

Cheers in advance!

I can’t h lobyou with the shoes but as far as the drum goes all you have to do is tap it as you pull the drum.
Kinda like shock the drum off. I use a fairly decent hammer. There is probably a decent groove worn into the drum so prob the reason Why it’s hard to pull off.
I think on those it’s a bearing as a part of the drum so you will have to undo the nut for the bearing in the middle and remove the lot. Located under that steel dust cover. (If it’s still on) Shouldn’t be too hard.
Try do a comparison on sites like Bendix or similar and compare part numbers for the shoes.

Thought I would add how I managed to replace the brake shoes. No amount of hammering, leveraging or pulling was working. What worked was basically on the drum brakes outside steel cover are two extra threaded holes (size m5 or m6… I forget) I just screwed in bolts into each hole until the cover popped off! Easy.