Daihatsu Manuals - quite a collection from some hosting websites

Users make sure you scan any and all files you DL ‘before unzipping them’ with products like MBAM, SAP, WD, etc. and I take no responsibility for the potential for any malware to be present in any of those many files

I stumbled across this website this morning whilst trying to find the part number (or make and model) of the Sirion calipers for the GTvi and the other variants. It seems to list many Daihatsu models and I have DL the Copen and Sirion manuals for review, scanned them with Defender, MBAM and SAP.

In the Sirion you might need to open the folders, find the index and then open the corresponding files but the documents all seem to be present in crystal clear detail for the Sirion.


Here is another hosting site for Daihatsu workshop manuals as per above;


Hi. You guys should try www.partsfan.com

Here is another website;

The L200 one shows L500 in the pdf???