Daihatsu mechanic in South Australia

Hi all,

Recently the Charade received a donor engine that was put in by the crew at just little car spares out north. It has been running reasonable since but just of late my beast has started dropping a little oil. Looks like from two spots. Now I’m mechanically challenged and knowing well that I may sound like a stinge, I was hoping anyone may have suggestions on a mechanic that it reliable and reasonably priced? Preferably in the Southern Suburbs. JLC were ok but terrible when it came to timing and following up. Don’t want to be dicked around again.
Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers all

Here’s a vid so you can here how shitty its running :frowning:
I know the rocker cover has a leak and I just got the knew gasket set so I can replace it this weekend…
Could this be part of my problem?? Any help from advice from crew in the know is greatly appreciated!
I want to learn so I can fix this thing myself!!!