Daihatsu Mira 2004

I have a 2004 daihatsu Mira, I have discovered that the bolt fitment is 4x100, I have found a set of alloys I would like but they are 17inch. My question is, will 17inch wheels fit my car or will they be too big. Thank you for all info

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Probably too big


Not too big, if the tyre is low-profile enough.
More than likely, too wide, if anything

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: wheel fitment comes down to a few things really not just correct stud pattern/pcd. you will need to know width, offset and hub diameter of rims, if the hub diameter is too small you will need them to be machined, if too large you will need to find hubcentric rings to suit then find lower profile tyres that won’t put your speedometer out much.

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