Daihatsu Move Arrived

Hello All

So , The Daihatsu Move came this morning.
and iv started the inspection , as the one owner i purchased it from , blew a radiator hose and i think cooked the engine.
So , there is oil in the air intake , but i cant see any water in the oil , i can see sludge in the radiator which i have just cleaned out.
It turns over and wont start, showing engine light .

i am deciding what to do with it.

Motor conversion , ? Sell it ? its currently registered , as a one owneer with log books and 4 keys , i am kinda thinking about keeping it.

ill post some pics up shortly ,
dont know what my next step would be to get her started ,


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oil in the air filter box is fairly normal for moves and mira’s with an efi engine. I would start and check the basic’s?
Is it getting fuel?

  • is the fuel pump priming
  • is the fuel filter clogged?
  • does the car try to start if you spray wd40 or other propellant in the throttle body while its being cranked?
    Is it getting spark? if not why?
  • are the spark plugs in good nic and getting spark?
  • are the leads good?
  • distributor? distributing spark? and is the distributor pulsing the injectors’ (which is sort of a fuel thing too).
    -are all your earth’s connected good?
    and all your connectors connected good?

Is there water in your oil? (is it brown like a coffee colour?)
I would ask about oil in water but it sounds like it was brown and mine looks that way but doesn’t have oil in it.
after all that I would do a compression test.
and then go from there!
Oh check all your fuses too It may sound silly but I have lierally spent half a day looking for a problem to find it was a blown 30 amp fuse I never bothered to check.

This is her ,

Radiator hose tT-Piece section blew off and overheated.

Now its just , Kicking over and not starting.
No Water in oil.

I am gonna do as you said , and run my checks ,
What size tool do i need too remove spark plugs ?

Try get her going , before i make a final decison on it.

Thanks for assistance :slight_smile:

One owner ,
log books 4 x keys 150 on clock.
This is her , Gonna spend a day tomorrow on it.

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go for engine conversion…

Here was the problem.
I got her running this afternoon.
But the overflow bottle is like a kettle.
Not sure what my next step would be.
Anyone think nulon head gasket repair stuff any good. ?
Or should I not bother.

It’s spitting gunk out of the air intake pipe.
And running hot.
At least it’s running lol.

take the head off and check the head and block for straightness and if good put a new head gasket on. If you know how to do all that that is? These are one of the easieast engines to change a headgasket on.

Never done it before ,
i might give it a try.

Is there anything i need to look for , as in straightness?

the car now has stopped running , plugs keep gunking up , and even after a new clean , wont start

should i attemp a d.i.y head gasket. if your saying easiest to do.

Any walkthroughs?


hmm do you know anyone that has had the experience b4 that can guide you? I say its easiest but I have done quite a few in my time on different cars so I have the experience. Maybe watch some you tubes and research some information on what is involved in changing a timing belt on a single overhead cam engine first and if you feel comfortable with that, then look at head gasket changing and you tube and research and then go from there if you feel comfortable. There is a move manual in the manuals section for the ed20 (which is what you have). You may want to download that and have a look through also. It will give you some tips on the head bolt loosen and do up sequence and torque’s etc. Or you can look at getting another engine or taking yours’ into get fixed.
I cant really so jump into it as I don’t know your capabilities and what your comfortable with.

to check for straightness and flatness, use a straight edged ruler or similar, lay edge corner to corner, then opposite corners, then slide across front to back and side to side, any thing unusual and you will see a small gap between ruler and head, also good idea to do the block as well just to be on safe side

Thanks for the advice guys.
I’ll start doing research.
Then I might jump into it.
I have a friend who is a mechanic but he is always flat out.
I’ll keep you posted on my next steps.

I am kinda leaning towards sirion 1 litre.
I can pick one up for $500.

Will see how I go.

Hey guys,
So iv changed like everything on this thing , and iv got it running really well ,
but i have air comming out next to were the spark plug goes?

Some seal went?

As the car does have a head gasket problem , i patched that up , no idea how long it will last.

Also oil light comes on and off ocasionally.

I put new oil around 2.5L

Any info will help.

This is just to keep it running until i get a new motor i guess.

Save your time and effort and please just fix the problem. a blown headgasket is a huge problem. a 1ltr swap is bolt in yes but you also have to swap the wiring. the headgasket is a 3 hour job. get someone who knows their stuff to give you a hand. No point trying to patch up the headgasket with gimics from stores.

Thanks Luke.

Im hunting for a 1LT at the moment.

i just dont have access to that someone , to give me a hand at this point in time.

but ill try my best.

a EJ swap will take alot more effort. trust me on this. I can do a head gasket in an hour. i’ve done ej swaps also and its always the wiring. Head gasket you don’t even need to remove the engine.