Daihatsu Move L601

After a long road, I finally have my Daihatsu Move registered.

Next on the list is to replace a crappy front engine mount, the sump plug and then (if it fits the budget) rust repairs.


I saw this when it was up for sale. Looks like a nice clean move. What rust repairs does it need?

It’s got some minor surface rust in the engine bay as well as a hole the size of a 10c piece that’s rusted through the roof.

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My first move I had had bad rust in the bonnet and a hole in the roof near the centre bolts where the wing bolts on. Hope it isnt as bad as what I had I gave it in when I could put my hands through the floor with ease. (It had been on a farm for years so was really neglected. My last one though had next to nothing.

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I’ve had it for about a week now and I’ve fallen in love with it, I’ve driven quite a few cars in my life but nothing compares to the Move, absolutely no idea what it is but it’s truly charming.

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My Japanese wife wanted one when we were looking for a car in 2007 and either they were horrendously expensive or in poor condition and so we got our Cuore which I am still very happy with to this day.

wow really I got both of mine for $500 or under