Daihatsu newbie from Sydney!

Hey all!

Thought I better introduce myself. I am new to the Daihatsu scene and cars having recently (bit of an impulse buy haha) bought myself a 91 charade Mizuno edition with a CB61 SOHC turbo engine swapped in.

I am no newbie to modifying and working on cars, however. Currently I own a built and stroked Evo 7 and a Gen4 3SGTE swapped '96 RAV4.

Once the Charade is up and running I intend on purchasing a '91 Mira off a mate with the EFI 660 engine. I have just about committed to doing an AMR500 supercharger build with this one and if that works, I may even attempt a sequential twin-charging setup.
If the 660 blows up, I will be swapping in an EJ-DE.

I am looking forward to meeting some fellow enthusiasts and attending local meets. I am in Western Sydney.

I will upload my Charade build in the appropriate thread soon but for now, here is a couple of pics where the Charade is at. As you can see, it is mostly complete, but needs work - this is where you guys come in!


Welcome Gruss Love the chazza and looking forward to seeing the mira build also.
I was going to do a twin charge build years ago but just never did it. I only ever ran an amr 300 on a daewoo matiz 3cyl and for all the dais I have had have only ever been N/A or turbo.
Was this Aiden’s old gtti charade? (think his name was aiden)

Unsure about an Aiden, that wasn’t the name of the person I purchased it off.

How did you go about the AMR300 build?

yeh that was my first ever 3 cyl b4 I found dais. It was a slap it on and see how it goes scenario.
The matiz had an 800cc 3cyl engine, I didnt have any other fuel control or ecu ect just did the ecu learn procedure when re-connecting battery .
I could almost get 5psi out of it right b4 limiter so extra fuel was not a huge issue.
It used to go through belts as it wasn’t lined up completely 100% spot on. Honestly I didn’t run it most of the time and only put it on if gonna have a bit of fun mainly because of the horrible noise they make that is so loud and the belt issue.
This was way back in about 2006/7 so been a long time since then. You should get more out of an amr500. I will only go turbo now I just find them so much better.

Cant remember the guys name exactly But am sure it started win an “A” lol

They are a great looking car. A good base to as they were popular in rallying and Daihatsu used them in their works team.

@evilhighway he plan for the Mira would be to position the throttle body before the blower to help quieten it down, reduce wear and simplify the setup.
If it doesn’t work, well, on goes a turbo! :smiley:

@Mr_Gormsby actually, I was quite surprised to find how well setup the chassis and suspension is. I am very keen to get this little thing going!

Better get my build thread started…